When Changing to allowUnsafeConfigurations: true cluster goes to failuresand ongos doesnot get to Ready state

Using the Helm Chart for PSMDB
Chart Version: 1.12.4
Operator Version: 1.12.0
When changing to (was false) allowUnsafeConfigurations: true
The cluster starts to reinitialize the replicasets pods and eventually the mongos cannot get to Ready State.
Moreover, it seems that the replicaset could not get one of the nodes as Primary.

To simulate:
Just run any CR with allowUnsafeConfigurations: false and then change to allowUnsafeConfigurations: true.

btw, I think pertains to another issue with pause: true which also means changing to allowUnsafeConfigurations: true and then the cluster fails when coming back with pause: false

2 birds in one bug

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