User management on ProxySQL

I am currently testing ProxySQL, everything seems fine except the user management, we already have existing users running on our MySQL server nodes, why shall we create another set of users on ProxySQL? it’s annoying that the username and password have to be the same between ProxySQL and MySQL server nodes, else the user can’t log in. Is it possible to relies on MySQL node username and password without setting another layer of user management on ProxySQL?

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Okay you only need to create the first admin and monitoring user for proxy sql. if you want to load the existing user there is tool that can help u. check the link below. I will put some example below.
To accomplish this, you can make use of, proxysql-admin a tool developed by Percona to help you manage and install ProxySQL.
use the --syncusers option, which will connect to the desired MySQL server, read all users from mysql . user table and import or sync them to ProxySQL.
proxysql-admin --cluster-username=[mysql-user] --cluster-password=[mysql-password] --cluster-port=[mysql-port] --cluster-hostname=[mysql-host] --syncusers

Here is one example of the command and it’s output:

proxysql-admin --cluster-username=root --cluster-password=sekret --cluster-port=3306 --cluster-hostname= --syncusers

Please refer to the below link for more understanding thanks

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