Upgrade Percona Server 8.0.19-10 to Percona Server 8.0.22-13

Hi, Can somebody guide me with the exact steps to upgrade Percona Server 8.0.19-10 to Percona Server 8.0.22-13. I have to upgrade Percona MySql on production server with replication setup.

Many Many Thanks


The upgrade procedure for minor version upgrade is as simple as shutting down the server, removing existing packages , installing new binaries and starting up.

There are a few considerations to take:

  • As a good practice, take a backup, just in case
  • As a good practice, backup my.cnf file, just in case
  • As a good practice, upgrade replica first and let it run for a couple days just in case
  • MySQL 8 downgrade is not possible and are one way only as explained here MySQL 8 Minor Version Upgrades Are ONE-WAY Only - Percona Database Performance Blog
  • If you need to rollback, you need to create a new replica with the non upgraded version, or use a logical backup on new version
  • Do check release notes of the new target version as there are various major changes included on newer minor version (and thus the reason for them being disruptive and one way only).