Unable to set pmmserverkey value

Hi I use the solution https://github.com/percona/percona-helm-charts/tree/main/charts/pxc-db, i try to setup pmm client. When i set pmmserverkey i get
Error: UPGRADE FAILED: template: pxc-db/templates/cluster-secret.yaml:14:44: executing "pxc-db/templates/cluster-secret.yaml" at <b64enc>: invalid value; expected string

I tried to set the value in two ways

    pmmserverkey: "mypmmserverkey"


    pmmserverkey: mypmmserverkey

but the result is the same, how can it be fixed?

Hey @Pavlo_Tkachenko ,

the template right now requires you to set all the passwords, not just pmmserverkey. So it is either set all the passwords or none (let the operator generate them).
The error indicates that helm tried to find the password for root in your values.yaml, but failed.
So the workaround here would be to set all the passwords in the values.yaml.