"True" High Availability

Does the Percona distribution of Postgres offer high availability (aka active/active) configurations? I’m not referring to the hot spares or performing log shipping for replication recovery.

If not, has anyone been able to configure Postgres in such a fashion?

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL does not provide active/active configuration. Percona Provide HA using Patroni. There are some solutions available to provide active/active configuration but are not free. In fact why you need that? If you explain your problem we can help in that.

My specific use case is to deliver high availability across disparate data centers. Being able to run an application and load balance between physical locations provides immediate availability in the event of an issue with one data center. For example, if there is a telecom issue which takes down access to data center 1, through a global load balancing solution, traffic continues to route to the other data center. Having an active / active postgres instance provides this capability. If the database lives on one side and we perform log shipping, I have to be engaged to bring the “warm stdby” instance online.