Cluster of postgres nodes

Hi, can anyone give me any source link for clustering the Percona Postgres nodes.

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Percona Distribution For PostgreSQL contains components for PostgreSQL High Availablity Clustering using Patroni. You may refer to this link : Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL. Patroni is an independent community project for building HA framework for PostgreSQL.
You may refer to Patroni documenation : Introduction — Patroni 2.1.0 documentation and project source is available in Github : GitHub - zalando/patroni: A template for PostgreSQL High Availability with Etcd, Consul, ZooKeeper, or Kubernetes
Following are couple of Percona Blog Posts regarding Patroni cluster.
High Availability for Enterprise-Grade PostgreSQL Environments - Percona Database Performance Blog
.At Percona we promote open starndards without any vendor lock-ins.

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Hii @jobin.augustine .I followed the below link to create Postgresql cluster

I started patroni on node1 and it started fine.But on node2 iam getting one error

pg_basebackup:error: FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for replication connection from host user ${username} ssl off .

In pg_hba.conf file i have added

host replication replicator Ip-address trust

I allowed all the 3 nodes in pg_hba.conf file.

Can u help me in solving this issue.

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In a patroni configuration, pg_hba: entries will be specified in the Patroni’s YAML file. Patroni prepares the pg_hba.conf according to this specification.
Also please remember that the PostgreSQL scans the pg_hba.conf from top to bottom and picks the first one which matches. So if you are sure that there is an entry and it is not picking please push it to top. Additionally please don’t forget to signal the PostgreSQL to reload the configuration.
You can query on the pg_hba_file_rules to understand the rules currently in effect.

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