Trouble configuring mongodb:metrics on MongoDB secondaries

Dear All,
after a major reconfiguration of one of our MongoDB clusters I have removed all the mongodb:metrics targets (originally added with version 1.0.6 of PMM client) and tried to add them back with the new MongoDB connect data. Unfortunately I have been able to complete the task only when connected to the shard primary, while on the secondaries an error like the following is reported:

Cannot get buildInfo() for MongoDB using uri mongodb://monitoring:passwd%40corp@localhost:27118/admin: no reachable servers

I have tried to connect using the same credentials with the Mongo shell without any trouble.

MongoDB is version 3.4.5 and PMM details are below:

pmm-admin 1.1.4

PMM Server | mongodb-hxvm7-monitor:8000
Client Name |
Client Address |
Service Manager | linux-systemd

Go Version | 1.8
Runtime Info | linux/amd64

Is there any inherent limitation on the secondaries I am not aware of? I tried to find something on the documentation and the forum without much luck.
BTW, the same target where regularly added when I first configured them with PMM client version 1.0.6.

Could you please give any help?


Just found that this problem is related with:

Just tried and it fixes the problem.

ac2 , that’s correct we shipped a defect in 1.1.4 that led to inability to connect against MongoDB secondaries only, primaries were unaffected. 1.1.5 is expected to be released tomorrow and will contain the fix as referenced in PMM-931 . Thanks for confirming it works in your environment!