PMM MongoDB Integration Challenges

Iam currently working on integrating our MongoDB servers with PMM for monitoring purposes. While we have successfully installed PMM on both the master and host with the server and client components, we are encountering authentication issues.

Specifically, although we can see the MongoDB instance overview, essential metrics such as cluster summary, data size, replication set and other metric status are also not accessible. Additionally, we are facing difficulties in properly connecting our TLS certificates, with recurring errors preventing a successful connection.

Given the critical nature of these challenges and their impact on our monitoring capabilities, we are reaching out to seek your expert guidance and assistance in resolving them promptly.

Any insights, recommendations, or instructions you can provide to help us overcome these authentication and TLS certificate issues would be greatly appreciated. If further information or logs are required from my end, i can provide that

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Iam looking forward to your prompt response and assistance.

Hi @vishnu , could you share errors you are facing.

Hello @nurlan, thank you for addressing the issue. However, although we sorted out the authentication issue , we are unable to see the cluster summary, collection overview, and other metrics. Eventhough we can able to view the mongodb instance overview.

Hi, make sure you add every member of the cluster with the --cluster argument when you run pmm-admin. Also add the --enable-all-collectors flag.

Hello @Ivan_Groenewold, despite running the command as suggested, we’re still unable to view critical metrics such as cluster summary, in-memory details, and collection metrics. However, we can access other data such as replication summary and MongoDB instance overview. Your assistance in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. I’ve attached images for reference.

in that case it’s likely a permissions issue. Make sure the pmm client user has perms as per MongoDB - Percona Monitoring and Management

Hello @Ivan_Groenewold, thank you for your previous assistance. Although the previous issue has been resolved, we’re encountering new challenges. When our machines restart, our clusters are stopping unexpectedly. Upon reviewing the logs, we’ve identified the following errors

pmm-agent-entrypoint: error: unexpected /bin/true, try --help
pmm-agent-entrypoint: error: unexpected /bin/true, try --help