TokuDB on Percona MySQL 5.5


I have Percona MySQL 5.5 server. I want to install compatible TokuDB plugin and then use it on the same server.
Does MySQL 5.5 support TokuDB? Because I can not find it on the Downloads page:

In the same time tokudb is available for mysql 5.6 here:

I can not find any statements that mysql 5.5 does not support it.
Please help and clarify how can I install and use TokuDB on MySQL 5.5
Thank you.


TokuDB started to be supported in PS only on version 5.6 so I don’t think you can use it on 5.5. There might have been some builds from Tokutek before acquired by Percona for 5.5 but even if they existed before I wouldn’t use them.

Thank you for the answer!