Take out one node from sync

Hi guys!

I have a percona galera cluster with 3 node, and a standalone asynchronously replicated slave for DR on AWS.
My problem is, that my cluster was broken yesterday and my DR also.
I tried to fix the DR but failed. My second node is the master for DR, so i maked a backup from the node 2. Push out to AWS DR and i tired to restart replication but i saw, that the position everytime was moved when i checked with show master status;
So i think, i need to take out the node 2 until the DR will be fix, to keep the position fixed.But how can i do that? I read the docs and a lot of forum post and also i tried some stuffs, like wsrep_on, wsrep_desync, variout strict setup but the sync everytime goes on.
Can you help me, to take out this node?

Thank you very much any help!

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Hi !

When using async replication on top of PXC, you should enable “log_slave_updates” on the other servers as in MySQL Asynchronous Replication, Percona XtraDB Cluster, and log-slave-updates - Percona Database Performance Blog , to avoid losing data on the replica.

Regarding how to get the coords for setting up replication on the DR:

  • if taking the backup with mysql-dump, use --master-data=2 so that the replication coords are saved on the backup
  • if using xtrabackup , after preparing the backup you can find binlog info on file “/var/lib/mysql/xtrabackup_binlog_info”


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