It's it possible to using XtraDB cluster as a slave?


I want to use a cluster of servers using XtraDB as a slave and I want the master see a cluster like a single server (slave).
Is this possible?
I have attached a diagram.

I tried several configurations, but it did not work.

Thank you for help

Ideally what you want to do is assign one cluster node as the async slave of the master standalone instance. That async slave will receive replication events from the async master and will also be the one to “distribute” the data to the other cluster nodes.

Thanks for your answer.
How i can find a documentation for create a async master/slave?

Asynchronous replication is independent from Galera, and you may set it up just like from any other standalone server. You may use similar steps as here for example:

Remember to enable log_slave_updates on PXC nodes!

See a similar case:

But actually - why to bother with async replication at all here? Why not use all in same PXC cluster, and just designate one node as writer/master if needed?

^ hi! yeah makes more sense plus easier to mange. thanks for the advice.