Problem both nodes not sync


I use Perconna Percona-XtraDB-Cluster-shared-5.5.24-23.6.340.rhel6.x86_64 on a rhel 6.

I have three nodes (two nodes with database and one galera arbitrator)

I have 5 databases all work .

I Delete a directory on one database (rm /var/lib/mysql/database1) on the node1.

Now i can see this database only on the node2 .

I wait if Perconna see thie problem to sync but nothink.

If i make a insert sql on this database on the node2 it recreate this database on node1.

I have two question please .

Is is possible to monitor this problem because on the log Perconna i have no error.

Is it possible to force sync with command .

Thanks for your help

I know very little so far about the Percona cluster but what I think is happening is that you are making a change outside of what the cluster knows about. The cluster only knows about what you execute through the MySQL interface. Therefore it finds a data problem in the missing directory and recreates it. Instead of deleting a directory to delete the database, if you were to execute a ‘drop database database1;’ it would synchronize and delete as you expect.


In this case you delete a file from the filesystem perspective, so only when you will write data into that table from another node, this node will be stopped because it won’t be able to replicate. Then a full SST will be indeed needed.

You can force SST by removing grastate.dat file and set global wsrep_cluster_address=“gcomm://IP_OF_ANOTHER_NODE”