Support for Linux Generic Arm Binaries


It appears percona has recently released aarch64 RPMs.
Do you plan to support linux generic ARM binaries that can be used on Graviton instances ?

Thank you

aarch64 is the same architecture used by Graviton. They are compatible.

Yes we would like to use linux generic installation for multi-instance setups running different versions on same host.
RPMs are not going to working for our use case. Can percona start packaging linux generic binaries as well ?
I have been asking this for a while now :slight_smile: It would be of great help.

I will pass this along to our product teams, but I do know that the demand for ARM/Graviton has not been very high which is why we are not focused on them at this time. You can extract the binaries out of the RPM packages using cpio for the time being.

Thanks a lot Matthew.
I will try this approach. Do you have any document/blog url for this approach ?

I just googled it.

thank you Matthewb. Please let me us know if you hear back from product teams.