AWS Graviton3 ARM support ETA for PMM


Any ETA for PMM support for AWS Graviton3 ARM support ETA for PMM ?


Hello @eyalso .

Thanks for asking! I don’t have any particular ETA right now, but would be curious to learn about your use case a bit more.

  1. Are we talking about the client or a server for ARM?
  2. If it is a client - which DBs are you monitoring with it?


We are talking to clients that we monitor with MySQL 8.0 DB’s and MongoDB 4.4 DB’s on AWS EC2 machines.

Thank you,

Got it. Yes, not yet. Maybe @Roma_Novikov can help with ETA it.

@eyalso, we don’t have any ETA for the ARM, but we have some old prototypes [PMM-9242] [POC] ARM builds of PMM Client - Percona JIRA
So if you can test them and provide feedback - this will help us.