Linux Generic support for Arm Binaries


It appears percona has recently released aarch64 RPMs.
Do you plan to support linux generic ARM binaries that can be used on Graviton instances ?

Thank you

Hi @Chanakya,
I didn’t know, so I did a quick google search and found out that Graviton2 instances run aarch64 architecture, so those RPMs should work on AWS Graviton2 instances. Or am I misunderstanding something?

Hi @matthewb We are using Linux generic version binaries to run multi-instances with different versions.
So RPMs will not work for us. Is there a timeline to when Linux generic will be available to be used on Graviton instances. ?

At this time there is no timeline for aarch64 binaries. We do distribute a aarch64 Docker container. For running multiple instances, I would highly recommend using Podman or Docker, then you can do aarch64 natively + easy manage multi-instances.