Starting new Kubernetes Operator from a Non Kubernetes Cluster

Hello, i have one existing non Kubernetes cluster and i want to migrate it to percona operator so we can have a more reliable HA schema, but after all the way i have being working with percona operator im still unable to figure out how to restore an existing Mysql Dump or Xtrabackup from the non kubernetes cluster, is there a way to achieve this or the backup/restore is only working for kubernetes version of percona cluster?

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Hello @Rub_Av ,

thank you for this request. Yeah, I agree, our docs lack good description on how to migrate the DB.

For now could you please have a look at Migrating Into Kubernetes Running the Percona Distribution for MySQL Operator - Percona Database Performance Blog ?
The blog post covers the migration with xtrabackup. We plan to add it to our docs as well.

Also recently we added the async-replicaiton feature (Set up Percona XtraDB Cluster cross-site replication). The plan is to document thoroughly how it can be used to perform the migration from regular MySQL to Kubernetes.

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