Best way to restore non-cluster xtrabackup onto new K8s cluster

I have started up new XtraDB clusters via Percona’s operator.
Everything seems to be working, backups and restores can be carried out at any time.

Our old DB systems are on the basic non clustered version of Percona MySQL.
What is the best way to take an xtrabackup on the non clustered system and import into the K8s cluster?

I have attempted to take an xtrabackup and replace the stream file inside the PVC of a K8s run backup, however just causes the restore job to be created and never to start.

Hello @chris.dean,
The best recommendation here is to use mydumper/myloader to take a logical dump of your older system and import it into the new PXC in K8S.

Excellent, tested and working great, apart from missing PKs, but that’s my problem to fix!