Sorry, no examples found for this query in Example tab(postgres)

Hi Team,

i am monitoring postgresql database using pmm2.17.0
Server 2.17.0
client : 2.17.0
postgresql version : 12

##Added below parameter in postgresql.conf

shared_preload_libraries = ‘pg_stat_statements’
track_activity_query_size = 2048
pg_stat_statements.track = all

Create extension

CREATE EXTENSION pg_stat_statements SCHEMA public;

ALTER SYSTEM SET track_io_timing=ON;

monitoring looks good but QAN having prob.

in example tab i am not getting table definition

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Silly question perhaps, but did you restart the server?

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Not silly at all Robert! I seemed to recall that for pg_stat_statement postgres (not the whole server) has to be restarted after being setup… Also have you looked at the official docs here? It’s been a while since I did it but I think one time I had enabled the extension as the ‘pmm’ user I created vs the postgres user and so examples was only populating for certain schemas or something…

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we need to add more to Percona Monitoring and Management
But the pg_stat_statements is not providing the Examples. This was one of the reasons for us to do pg_stat_monitor plugin

So, sorry @Gajendra this is expected behavior.
I would encourage you to give a try to pg_stat_monitor but be aware it’s not fully GA’ed in PMM


Thanks Roma

will enable pg_stat_monitor and check if it works .