Should I become a MySQL DBA?

Thanks in advance to any advice you may have for my career change.

I’ve been an electrical engineer for many years and have decided to change careers, I was actually forced to make a change due to a death in the family.

I’m about to set off on another adventure by taking the Oracle Universities MySQL DBA course and exam. Am I going to be successful in finding work doing MySQL DBA afterward? Will the certificate open doors and where?

I enjoy web design, content management systems with MySQL as the database. Examples are Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal. Because I live in a Rural area, and don’t want to move to the big city, I wish to work remotely.

I have a high speed internet connection, and great computer IT skills. Can I be a remote MySQL DBA? I know it is possible because I’ve spoken with some people that are doing so.

The big question right now… would I be better off pursuing Microsoft skills learning SQL .NET visual basic, etc rather than Open Source LAMP.

Should I stay with Open Source LAMP or go with Microsoft? I really want to do remote work, with a willingness to travel when needed. I will soon be spending $2,700.00 getting a MySQL DBA certification, but wondering if this is money well spent?

I’m in a Quandary and looking for a MENTOR to discuss this with. I can give you my Skype name if you would be willing to discuss. Sorry but I only speak English. I live in Montana USA. Will to speak anytime 24/7