JOB: MySQL DBA - London Technology Company

hi, I am working extremely close with a mobile technology company here in the UK, London in-fact. We need to find a DBA to take control of the MySQL RDBMS and the data held therein. The role will actually combine elements of Data Architect too.

This is a small company (with a global footprint) - approximately 30 people all of which are technically competent and extremely passionate about what the do. Their product has launched recently in the US (in addition to the UK and parts of Europe including Germany). They have plans to grow and launch in
other territories through 07 and 08.

The role is going to involve liaising with the application developers and the network operations team.

The dress style of the company is informal and they also have a Nintendo Wii in the office that anybody can play on at any time of the day…(work load permitting of course).

For those that are interested please e-mail me at

thanks James

If you have a hard time finding DBA let us know we can act as temporary replacement (and in many cases as permanent one) doing MySQL administration, architecture and other kinds of jobs