Mysql Future

Hi All ,

Can I anybody tell me , what is the future of MySQL after purchasing Sun by Oracle? I am MySQL DBA .

Well why don’t you ask Larry Ellison.
Hold on for two seconds I think I have his cellphone number here somewhere. :wink:

My point is that it’s to early to tell.

But since SUN has put a lot of money into MySQL I can’t imagine that they will scrap it over night just because they got bought by Oracle.

My guess is we will see something in a year or two.

Let me take a stab at it:

select from companies c where = ‘entry level’ and c.competesWith = ‘Oracle’ order by c.price

My guess is that the MySQL tools will be merged into/become Oracle’s entry-level products. Also Sun’s purchase may allow Oracle to compete with workstation manufacturers. If I were Dell or HP, I’d be very worried now.