Severe problems migrating MySQL/Windows to Percona/Linux

Hi, today I migrated a server from Windows to Linux. The main reason for this step was we want to switch to Percona Server and currently it is available only for Linux.

We migrated the data at binary level and added
lower_case_table_names=1 to the my.cnf.

The Percona Server (5.5.20) starts and shows all tables. Unpartitioned tables can be accessed without any problems.

But we have some very big partitioned tables.
These are listed by “SHOW TABLES” but cannot be accessed.
Searching the web for solutions I found this bug report:
[URL]MySQL Bugs: #47764: partitioned innodb tables can't be moved directly from windows to linux

It is a MySQL/Innodb bug due to inconsistent table name normalisation.

Seems like a very small code change could fix this problem. Could you please fix it in Percona Server or provide a patch?
This would make the migration from Windows/MySQL to Percona possible for many others or at least facilitate it.

I really need to take this server productive and there seems to be no workaround. Rebuilding the tables is not feasible due to their very big size.

Thank you very much!

This is something that could be fixed under a paid support contract. Understand that even things that look like small changes can be very expensive: fixing and properly testing a bug requires a lot of work and analysis of related source code. So this is unlikely to be something we would fix unless a paying customer is affected.