Issue switching from OurDelta to Percona Server

We have been using the Our Delta distribution of MariaDB (5.1.47), but recently decided to switch to Percona Server.

After switching to Percona Server when I try to access MyISAM tables that were created under the Our Delta MariaDB I receive this error message:

And if I try to repair the table it reports that it is corrupt.

This issue seems to be documented in this MariaDB bug report in

For the time being we have reverted back to OurDelta MariaDB.

It looks like MariaDB has a patch for that issue.

Is there a work around for this issue on the Percona side?

If not then these are the options I can think of:
• mysqldump those tables before the migration and re-import them after (this could mean many hours of down time)
• convert all of our tables to InnoDB before the migration (we still have some tables that have full text search enabled so they would still need to be exported and imported)
• or possibly upgrade to a version of MariaDB that has already been patched for this bug and run repairs on the tables to see if that fixes them

Is there a better way? Will this issue be fixed in a future Percona release? Are there other issues that I will run into switching from OurDelta to Percona Server?



This issue isn’t about Percona Server (which does not break backwards compatibility with standard MyISAM), it’s about MariaDB’s changes to MyISAM. You would have the same problem switching back to standard MySQL server. I can pretty much guarantee that we won’t put special-case code in the public Percona Server tree to fix problems like this, but we can either build you a custom server or help you on a consulting basis to migrate back. Also, as I understand it, the bug fix doesn’t solve the problem after it’s happened – it fixes the original problem to prevent it from happening.

Thank you, that is the answer I anticipated. I will proceed with InnoDB conversion and mysqldump.

Thanks again,