Selective MongoDB Backups in PMM


Percona Backup MongoDB allows a user to make selective backups as per Selective backup and restore - Percona Backup for MongoDB. I would like to use this feature on a scheduled basis, but as far as I know this is only possible when running pbm as a cli tool. Would it be possible to implement selective backups for PMM as well - or is there another way to have scheduled selective backups?


PMM 2.40.0

What about using cron for the CLI schedule?
Otherwise, for the PMM part, you could create a new feature request for it in the Jira page:

Hi @Agustin_G , thanks for your reply. Yes, cron would probably work as a workaround, but I would definitely prefer to have it in PMM. I created a feature request: [PMM-12801] - Percona JIRA

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