Running PMM on Kubernetes with non root user

Hi Team,

Due to security constraints, we don’t have permissions to run PMM container with root users on our K8s server. However as per Helm - Percona Monitoring and Management, PMM needs root user permissions.

Can anyone please help in understanding where does PMM requires root user permissions? What will fail if we run with unprivileged user?

Hi @Animesh_Agarwal thank you for posting to the Percona forums!

PMM will run with podman which does not run as root. Perhaps you can try this technology and it will work in your environment.

Hi @Michael_Coburn

Thanks for the reply.

Can you please elaborate or share some resources on how to run the podman’s rootless container on kubernetes?

From what I found in the docs, podman setup also uses the same image

If both podman and docker setup are using the same image, what is the limitation in running the pmm image in docker as non-root ?