Replication Setup

Hi All,

I am new to this forum, and relatively new to MySQL, but have been a DBA for over 15 years with other DB’s.

I am trying to setup servers for a new product, and we have limited time to do this, so not much time to experiment.

We want to have two masters running Percona 5.5 and a slave also running percona 5.5. We will set this up using MMM and this bit should be OK.
However, we have another legacy database that needs to be replicated into one of the masters, which is running MySQL 5.1, and I only want to replicate some of the tables.

What would be the best way to replicate this data? (Needs to be real time)

Mike Taylor
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I see red flags everywhere. If you don’t know how to do this medium-complexity task, then I have some advice – and later I will not hesitate to say “I told you so” when you lose all of your data:


If you are an expert in MySQL replication, then I won’t argue if you say “I know what I’m doing and I’m using MMM in a way that won’t destroy my entire system.” But you’ve said you are new to MySQL, so please see the previous paragraph.

xaprb wrote on Wed, 01 February 2012 13:54

OK, thanks for that, so how do I do this without MMM?
I still need to find some way of doing this, although now not so urgently, as we have decided to run with one master and two slaves for the new product, and use the master as a slave to the old product database, just replicating a few tables.

Mike Taylor