Multi-source replication and PRM

Hi all,

We have classifieds web app which uses Percona for MySQL in master-master setup, with several slave servers. To maintain HA, mmm tool is used at moment.

Database is getting bigger and we would like to separate groups of functionally related tables to their own MySQL clusters (eg. messages, logs). For messaging part to work, we need some tables from main database (eg. users). This is why we looked into multi-source replication, since every cluster would have own master-master setup with slave servers, but also have replication channel to main DB cluster. Do you think this is possible?

If this kind of setup is possible using multi-source replication, we need to look into HA setup. As far as I know, mmm is not able to support mysql clusters with multi-source replication. It’s also old tool, so we would like to replace it with somethign newer and better. We’re looking into PRM. Can PRM be used to maintain mysql servers/clusters connected using multi-source replication, while maintaining master-master setup in every individual cluster?

Thank you in advance for help!

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Someone may offer some specific insight but meanwhile, I wonder if this blog post is useful reading?