Need to setup replication !!

Hello Guys,

I have another request and would request the community to assist me in this.

i need to setup real time replication for this mysql server that i am working on.

Can any one provide me with a good “How-To” on this ?

Please !!!

Thank you

The MySQL manual has a large section on this with the information you need: l


Thank you for the link, But i was looking for an “How-To” on this, as i am a newbie and don’t want to play around with the customers db.

Is there any thing like this any one can help with ?

Thank you all !!

you can follow this tutorial to setup replication. lication.html

Let me remind you, this tutorial uses percona xtrabackup tool which can take hot backups without impacting writes on master if all your tables are INNoDB. Otherwise if you using mix of INNoDB & MyISAM tables it will block writes for MyISAM tables until all MyISAM tables backuped.



As you are newbie, If you want to know how exactly it works, you can check this page. l-replication-really-work/