Replication from Primary Xtradb 8 Cluster to DR Xtradb 8 Cluster

Hi All,
I am trying to find a way to perform replication from the Primary Xtradb 8 Cluster to DR(disaster recovery) Xtradb 8 Cluster.
The Primary Xtradb 8 Cluster will write data from application output and on the DR site, I have a second Xtradb 8 Cluster which needs to replicate data coming from the Primary Xtradb 8 Cluster.

Can someone please suggest how to achieve it?



Hello @adi,
You need to configure async replication between a node in primary PXC and 1 node in DR PXC. You can use Async Failover on DR node to switch sources if the source on the primary PXC goes down.


Hi @adi , welcome to the Percona forums!
You may want to review this blog post that discusses precisely how to replicate between PXC clusters:

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