Percona cross-site replication recommendation

Hi everyone,

Currently, we have a three-node mysql percona xtradb cluster production database in master-master structure. I want to make a three-node DR (disaster) solution in a similar way in a remote location. I don’t want to use Kubernetes or any additional application solution. As a result of my research, I could not reach a healthy conclusion. I request you to direct me correctly or share the correct document.

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Hey @bthnklc ,

you just need to use async replication and set it up between these two clusters (main and DR).

If you are on version 8, I would recommend to use Async Replication with Connection Failover introduced in 8.0.22: MySQL :: Automatic Asynchronous Replication Connection Failover

I don’t believe we have any publicly shared how-tos for this. It is a matter of MySQL configuration, which you can get from the link I shared above.