Synchronization between two clusters with percona 5.7 and 8.0

Hi all,

actually we are using percona-ctradb-cluster 5.7 with 5 nodes on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
Now we want to use Percona-xtradb-cluster 8.0.

I got the idea to set up a new cluster with 5 nodes and Ubuntu 20.04 and relate the data from the “old” cluster to the new one. Possibly syncronisation too?

Is that as far as possible? How could that then be implemented? Which settings have to be set for this?
What would be the best course of action for this?

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Hi @Silas_Smith , thank you for posting!
Your plan to set up a separate 5 node PXC 8 cluster is correct, and take it a step further - using a Percona XtraBackup backup from the PXC 5.7 cluster you will restore this to your 8.0 cluster. Then you can configure asynchronous GTID replication between one member of the PXC 5.7 to the PXC 8.0 and keep the two clusters in sync (with writes only occurring in PXC 5.7). Then you simply stop writes to PXC 5.7, wait for replication to catch up, and then start sending writes to PXC 8.

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Hi @Michael_Coburn ,

thanks for your Help. :slight_smile:
Can you also explaine me how to set GTID on a running PXC 5.7 cluster?
I found some manuals but for 5.6 and it doesn´t really work :confused:

Best regards

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Hi @Silas_Smith
Thanks for asking! This blog published in 2015 should work to help you get moving with GTID replication for async replicas out of a PXC cluster

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