replication between versions

I’ve currenlty got two MySQL 5.0.67 server running circular replication. We have added a 3rd server running Percona 5.5 currently as a read only slave for testing solid state hard drive performance.

for the next step I’d like to put the Percona system into a 3 way circular replication but am not sure if there will be any issues with replication between the different versions.

Anyone have any experience with this?

Since the actual write queries won’t change the only thing I can thing of that would effect things is if the 5.0 db’s can’t read the binary logs on the 5.5 db

Read this.

It might probably work, but you are on your own.
I would only do it for pure testing purpose.

I urge you not to do 3-way circular replication. It’s brittle and can result in an amazing variety of complete disasters. I discussed many of them in High Performance MySQL Second Edition.