Replication between Percona 5.6 master and Community 5.1 slave

Is it possible to setup replication between Percona 5.6 master and Community 5.1 slave… I was trying to find some resources online but couldnt… Please help me !!

When replicating between different major versions (i.e. 5.1 and 5.6), the slave should generally be newer than the master. So while I have not tested this case specifically, I doubt it will work.

It may be possible to do the reverse; a 5.1 master and a 5.6 slave, but generally only one major jump in version is supported (i.e. from a 5.1 master to a 5.5 slave). Take a look at the below link to the manual for more details:


I have heard there are some hacks to achieve that … Any one has any documented references ??