Remove xtrabackup-debug from percona/percona-xtrabackup image

in percona/percona-xtrabackup:8.0.35-31, in the bin folder, there is xtrabackup-debug which iis around 100MB. is it possible to remove it and the dependencies from the image to reduce the image size?

Hi Charly,

I have prepared an image without the debug file.
It has been uploaded to perconalab organization.


Thank you for the image without debug. I was expecting more reduction, though…
btw, if i compare the installer size for Jammy in Software Downloads - Percona between 80.32-26 and 8.0.33-28 against their container image (8.0.32-26 and 8.0.33-28), the difference between different version is a lot.

Docker image has been reworked and re-uploaded.