Problem restoring xtrabackup

Hello, I’m downloading a backup from an external server and restoring it on a docker container volume. I’m currently running percona-server:57 docker image Docker Hub.

I followed all the steps mentioned in this guide, The Backup Cycle - Full Backups to restore the backup but It doesn’t seem to work.

When I look at the docker logs I see this:

Any ideas on what I could try to fix this?

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Hi @betancourtl

By looking into your error message, seems like you are trying to start mysqld passing --initialize flag but the data-dir already has files on it. Since you are starting a MySQL using a restored backup as a source of data, you can skip --initialize.

If that doesn’t help to solve your problem. Please describe the steps you are taking to restore your backup as well as the full docker command used to start your container

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Looks like the issue was related to file permissions. Thx for the help!

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