Percona Operator for PostgreSQL V2.3: Now Live and Enhanced

We’re excited to announce that the Percona Operator for PostgreSQL version 2.3 is now available.

In our latest update on the Percona Operator for PostgreSQL, we’re excited to introduce a suite of significant enhancements and new features. Custom PostgreSQL extensions have expanded the range of available built-in extensions, like the notable PostGIS, offering geospatial data storage in PostgreSQL while being disabled by default, but can be easily turned on by those who need it.

We also have added the ‘loadBalancerSourceRanges’ Custom Resource option, allowing users to customize the range of IP addresses that can access the load balancer. In line with our commitment to versatility and enterprise needs, the Operator has been made compatible with the OpenShift platform, enabling seamless deployments both on-premise and in the cloud. Additionally, we’ve updated the Operator to support the latest Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL version 16, now used as the default database version.

Operator users can now transition to the new version. Explore the full range of Operator 2.3 features and benefits in our release notes.

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