Recreate a pgbackrest stanza for an existing cluster PGOv1.2

mistakenly deleted data in the directory on


the stanza ceased to exist

bash-4.4$ pgbackrest info
stanza: db
    status: error (missing stanza data)
    cipher: none

Is there a way to run a job to create a stanza?

Or some other way to create it?
There is a primary and a standby database, there is a pod backrest-shared-repo with a removed directory

backup data is not needed, no old ones

After some thought I realized that the stanza was not damaged)))

I lost my backups and also the file.

By the way, does anyone know where the stanza for pgbackuprest even exists?
Мaybe in the form of a file? Or can I somehow get it like show config?

I think that everything was successfully resolved.
I only had to recover the mistakenly deleted file
Similar neighboring clusters helped restore its contents. And another launch

pg_controldata -D /pgdata/dbname/

The checksum is suggested by pgbackrest itself.
It says in error - you have one, but it should be like this.

I managed to make a backup after everything.
Be careful when deleting files)))