Recommended settings for nagios plugins

I would like to setup percona’s mysql plugin with nagios. I see that there are several tools with different command line options for nagios.

However, instead of guessing the “warning”, “critical” settings as well # of inputs to track, I would like to see if there is already an existing list that I can leverage.

Is there a list of recommended settings for nagios?


  • Ankit.


Usually, the defaults are recommended thresholds. Here is some example.


And yes, it would be great to have the Nagios config template in the documentation.

aaahhh … cool. Thanks.

Hi, Please tell - where i can find more config templates for percona monitoring tools for Nagios/Icinga?

Thanks for help, nice discussion, really helpful.


I am a newbie to Nagios and Percona database. I am trying to setup the monitor on nagios core 4.02 to monitor the MySQL Cluster.

I am having hard time to make the monitor to work with the plugins.

I defined the following command on the remote server’s nrpe_local.cfg.

pmp-check-mysql-status -l $USER3$ -p $USER4$ -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -x Threads_connected -o / -y max_connections -T pct -w 80 -c 95

(Of course, I replaced the username, password and hostaddress with all the appropriate info.)

and I got the following output on the monitoring server. [TABLE=“class: text_table”]
[TD=“class: text_table_dataVal”]awk: line 8: syntax error at or near )
awk: line 13: syntax error at or near if
awk: line 24: syntax error at or near exit
CRIT Threads_connected / max_connections (pct) = 1.986755[/TD]
[TD=“class: text_table_dataVar”]Performance Data:[/TD]
[TD=“class: text_table_dataVal”]Threads_connected/max_connections=1.986755;80;95$;0;100[/TD]

can someone tell me how to fix it ?

quick question. Am I supposed to define the command line into the remote server’s nrpe_local.cfg or should i define it into the monitoring server’s commands.cfg?

Could someone shed some light with me?

Thanks for looking at my post and for your help in advance.

I have been scratching my head in these days and still no clues why it’s not working.

I am really appreciated for any helps.


Thanks weber for sharing the details to s[COLOR=#252C2F]etup percona’s mysql plugin with nagios. I tried to run the same with the command lines you have given, and it worked well. I will get back to you if there is any error.


I was reading on your conversation and I was a bit enlightened but honestly until now I am still confused how to setup Percona’s mysql plugins with nagios because there lots of commands on it. Need to explore more and actually I’ve been searching a lot and reading to many forums but this convo gives me more idea now.

Thanks Bro!

Check out the excerpt from