question about using tokuDB or InnoDB for financial data.

Hello, dear friends,
we want to use Percona xtraDBcluster for clustering 4 nodes (Master-Master) and we have a finance project which should have a rather large database. The number of tables is not more than 40, but we have about 2 tables which store financial transaction data and the estimated amount of data in these tables is going to grow at 350,000 records per day, and we should keep them at least 10 years to be able to do various reports.

Most of the operation (98%) in these tables is Insert/read but we can separate updatable fields in a separate table.

My questions are the following: [LIST=1]
[]Should I use a tokuDB storage engine for such large amounts of data or InnoDB?
]What is the best solution for such large and sensitive database?
[/LIST] Best Regards

Hello Ali
Thank you for your question. I don’t say this often, but I think you are probably seeking some very specific advice and I’m not sure that the kind of support that we can offer through the open source forum - by definition very generic - would be the best for you at this stage in your analysis.
If you’d like to speak with someone from Percona about optimizing your environment you’d be very welcome to get in touch and I can put you together with our consultancy team?
In the meanwhile, though, if you have specific technical questions that need clarifying based on use cases we may be able to help through the forum. Thanks!

I concur with Lorraines and want to add just one small piece of information. PXC only works with InnoDB. There is no plan on the roadmap to add PXC support to either TokuDB or MyRocks, If you love your data, you would be well advised to stay away from specialty engines and stick with InnoDB and a very good and tested backup and recovery process.