Percona XtraDB Cluster recommendation?

Hello, we are creating a project where we will receive about 400,000 rows daily. We have seen benchmarks of PXC and we doubt if it will support writting sentences.

The XtraDB still the problem of InnoDB with ibdata1?

The servers are two Dell R620 virtualized, with RAID 10 and 128GB RAM

Our project is feasible with PXC?


What do you mean “writing sentences”? And what problem with ibdata1 are you referring to?

Are your nodes located on a LAN or a WAN? What is the network latency between nodes?

Are the inserts single-threaded? Will you be having multiple insert threads on each node?

Do you “batch” the inserts; that is, do you insert multiple rows in each INSERT statement?

You have 2 ‘machines’; why not a third so that you can get more HA?

400K seems feasible; the answers to the above questions may help in giving you an answer.