PXC using TokuDB storage engine?

I’ve been reading about TokuDB and wondering whether it would work within PXC. I understand the recovery log is still not working, but I’m not sure that would prevent Galera replication. Are there any plans to do a (presumably experimental) PXC build including TokuDB?

Theoretically it should work better then MyISAM due to it’s transactional nature. But we didn’t try it and I don’t know if anyone has tested it. There are also no plans yet about adding TokuDB to PXC build.
This should be a question to both Tokutek and Codership if they are willing to make any effort to make both technologies work together.

Having a transactional storage engine is not enough for PXC. The Galera patches include an implementation for prioritized transactions in Innodb. TokuDB would need something similar.