Query analytics anomalies


I’m chasing an “anomaly” in the PMM query analytics which has me somewhat dumbfounded. Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction:

We have an application with two (loadbalanced) ProxySQL instances connecting to a Galera cluster. When I look at the PMM query analytics for the last hour, and search for a word that appears in a query, there is a query that appears to be run very often, causing quite a load. The weird this is that this specific query was last seen by ProxySQL 10 days ago. (All traffic goes through ProxySQL).

Is this an artifact of PMM that when I look for some keyword in a query, using the search bar, that PMM then disregards the time window? What would cause the query to appear in the list of queries, appearing as if it was executed in the last 3 hours when in fact is was not executed in the last 10 days?


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