PMM Query Analytics Unexpected Results

Currently when I view the Query Analytics page, it appears to only show me query that were ran on the MySQL console, but what I was expecting was to see all queries that the database handled. I have a site running code which then gets executed to my MySQL databases, I was hoping the Query Analytics would show me those queries that were requested from the code.

If I run pmm-admin list, this is what I get

pmm-admin list
pmm-admin 1.17.2

PMM Server | XXXX
Client Name | test
Client Address | XXXX
Service Manager | linux-systemd


mysql:queries test - YES pmm:@tcp( query_source=perfschema, query_examples=true
linux:metrics test 42000 YES -
mysql:metrics test 42002 YES pmm:

Attached is an image of what I can see.
Update: I just checked today and now it says MySQL Server is not configured for monitoring?

For some reason when I filter it by a month, i’m seeing the expected results. And when I hover over the graph, I can still see data being recorded for today. So why can’t I view this query when I select to filter by today? Is there also a way to enlarge the chart?