Query Analytics showing old data

We performed a DrupalDB update over the weekend on our MySQL 5.7 database. It’s Thursday, and I’m seeing old TRUNC, DELETE and others from the migration, that are not showing under ‘show full processlist’.

I set the time frame for last 5 minutes, then run show full processlist off the commandline, and am only seeing ‘sleeping’ processes, but in PMM2 Query Analytics, I’m seeing different data.

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PMM is an analytics aggregator. Is is not “realtime”. The stats data from a query you ran a week ago will remain in PMM for 30 days, by default.


Even if you change the time range to something like the last 12 hours? Shouldn’t it just show you those queries found during that time frame?

Thank you.

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That is correct. If you select a specific window, QAN should only show you the stats for queries during that time period. What is your query source? Slow log or perf schema?

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It’s perf schema. I set the time frame to 5 minutes, but it’s showing pages and pages of old queries.

This is the pmm-admin command I used to setup
pmm-admin add mysql --username=pmm_admin --password= --server-insecure-tls --query-source=perfschema --socket=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock --disable-tablestats-limit=10000


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