Qpress rpm download

Hi, I am trying to install Percona XtraDB 8.0.36, I have a system that must be offline so is not able to connect to the internet, where can I download the qpress rpm as this is a required package??



Hi Mike,

The package can be downloaded from pdpxc-8.0.36 repository.

Many Thanks!

I also see a failure to install due to mariadb-connector-c-config is obsoleted, but this is required by perl-DBD-MySQL… Any pointers?

Could you provide more details of the issue?

I resolved this one, when I installed perl-DBD-MySQL, the dependencies of mariadb-connector-c-config had also installed, I removed perl-DBD-MySQ & mariadb-connector-c-config and then installed perl-DBD-MySQL without the dependencies, Percona install worked just fine after that.

Appreciate the help!