Pull from private registry

How would I be able to pull from a private registry using the percona postgresql helm chart? There is no value for imagepullsecret. I want to pull pgPrimary from a private registry. Thanks

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Thank you for your question.
Due to the operator architecture, image pull secret name is propagated via


options. Like this:

kubectl create secret docker-registry <imagePullSecretName> \
		--docker-server=<server_dns> \
		--docker-username=<registry_username> \
helm install my-operator percona/pg-operator \
     --version 1.2.0 \
     --namespace my-namespace \
     --create-namespace \
     --set ccp_image_pull_secret=<imagePullSecretName> \
     --set pgo_image_pull_secret=<imagePullSecretName>
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