pt-archiver lose last one roow

pt-archiver is the version of 3.0.4
When I user pt-archiver to archiver old rows to a new db . I find that often lose last one row. The params is bellow:
–where " create_time >= $1 and create_time < $2 "-A utf8 --replace --nocheck-charset --no-delete --limit=10000 --commit-each --bulk-insert --statistics .

CREATE TABLE t ( f_id bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT , f_version bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘1’ , f_created_at bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL , f_updated_at bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL , f_type tinyint(3) unsigned NOT NULL, f_order_id bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL , f_symbol varchar(20) NOT NULL , f_amount decimal(36,10) unsigned NOT NULL , f_price decimal(36,10) unsigned NOT NULL , f_circuit_rate float unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0’ , f_order_count int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘-1’ , f_retry int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0’ , PRIMARY KEY (f_id), UNIQUE KEY uniq_order_id_type (f_order_id,f_type), KEY idx_symbol (f_symbol), KEY idx_order_count (f_order_count) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8

Did any people occur it ?? Is it a bug ?

The last rows is still in the original table for security reasons.

Thank you a lot . I’ll try it .