pt-archiver replicated inconsistent data

I have a master slave replication. Here i scheduled pt-archiver for table dltb which archives on condition insert_date<date_sub(now(),interval 35 days) to archive table dltb_archive on master .in master it is working fine when i checked that in slave data looks inconsistent . Still i can see older that 35 days in main table.Any one please let me know whats the issue here .

1 . Im using MIXED binlog format in both master and slave.

2 . pt-archiver --source h=localhost,u=root,p=,D=dltbdb,t=dltb --dest h=localhost,u=root,p=*,D=dltbdb,t=dltb_archiv e --where “insert_date < date_sub(now(),interval 35 day)” --bulk-insert --bulk-delete --limit=5000 --progress 50000

3 . Here is the delete query of pt-archiver which i found from slow log .
DELETE FROM dltbdb.dltb WHERE (((dl_id >= ‘0000AAAAAAAAA2DDASEDFFGGTHHHJ’))) AND (((dl_id <= ‘AAAAAAAAAAA5661BFSRDEYGYVSKUK’))) AND (insert_date < date_sub(now(),interval 35 day)) LIMIT 5000;
Here dl_id is varchar(64) PRIMARY KEY

Here is the pt-table-checksum report :

dltbdb.dltb 1 39 1 PRIMARY 00000F2F8E40BF8808317AA17E7EBE63 004263006A55E45A541011BBC32194E1
dltbdb.dltb 2 1928 1 PRIMARY 0042D180F45CCEF49F582FB00358DA14 0F6861879A122D32DC0D174577A88D09
dltbdb.dltb 3 3720 1 PRIMARY 0F6864FFCFF2F2A4E1A5B437D0D2B4DA 2D32D41D7BE98ED5BF9FE876CE0E5B24
dltbdb.dltb 4 4504 1 PRIMARY 2D33127ACF6227756A0EFCB9DC169534 50359CF5D7F8D660611571AB9E5DCF06
dltbdb.dltb 5 4968 1 PRIMARY 5035A3E5ABD0BE674A6480F29C7A9A2A 76D6F0118E365CE2E4BE42F30968A26F
dltbdb.dltb 6 5021 1 PRIMARY 76D6F2C7A2E706E4B7F0054E0B00FF1C 9D5B7336240DBE8F295FA6CBBBEA7013
dltbdb.dltb 7 4858 1 PRIMARY 9D5B778755A7D617743AAF33EDE37EA0 C312BCF5B847063A4E78B3C8EEFEEE8E
dltbdb.dltb 8 5066 1 PRIMARY C312CB79B420ADB30143E42471412B88 EA2189913D61FCA66FBDBADC1CD2B612
dltbdb.dltb 9 2836 1 PRIMARY EA219A1B29C88BDCE4AA4878505D022D FFFFC79A7F27BABF4CBCF6B0537B5501
dltbdb.dltb 11 1 0 PRIMARY FFFFC79A7F27BABF4CBCF6B0537B5501

Thanks for this, can I just check with you what version of Percona Toolkit, Percona Server and environment please? Then I will bring this to the attention of our tech team. Thank you!

Thanks for the update Lorraine. here is the version : pt-archiver 2.2.16

Linux OS redhat 6.9 64 bit with Oracle Mysql 5.5.53

Could you try the latest version? Latest is 3.0.11

Thanks for the update Carlos , Will do that , just curiosity want to know what actually happened with pt-archive 2.2.16 .it worked fine for 3 years ,but suddenly got into issues.