Pt-Archiver for a Total Idiot

02-20-2016, 08:24 AM
I’m a total idiot, or at least you can treat me like one when it comes to pt-achrciver.
I’ve downloaded the tar.gz file and unpacked it. So as of now its just sitting in a directory on my harddrive with a vacant look on its face. From the documentation I see that I also need Perl so I downloaded that too and installed that too, in the C:\perl64. I’m running mySQL 5.6 on windows 64bit and use it via mySQL workbench, which I really like. I have little experience with mySQL apart from writing queries and generally messing up the database. So, my question is - how in gods name do I use pt-Archiver?

Hello ghostpom12 welcome to the Forum and thank you for making me smile with your self-deprecating post. I hope that was the intention :smiley:

OK, first of all to say that the toolkit is written for Linux and not Windows, and is a command line tool. Nevertheless I understand it’s possible to run at least some of the commands in a Windows environment if you use a product such as Cygwin for the cli. There is a 30 minute webinar here that might help with that a little [URL=“Videos from Percona”][/URL] you have to sign in for access but it’s otherwise freely available.

However, a quick look at the slides shows it doesn’t cover pt-archiver specifically. Before I go off and see if I can find out more about the possibilities of using Percona Toolkit in Windows, can I just check what you are wanting to achieve just in case we might have another approach.

Also, just to say have a browse of our resources area of as there are LOTS of good resources there, including a plethora of past webinars. You might find some of them useful.