Pt-Archiver for a Total Idiot

I’m a total idiot, or at least you can treat me like one when it comes to pt-achrciver.
I’ve downloaded the tar.gz file and unpacked it. So as of now its just sitting in a directory on my harddrive with a vacant look on its face. From the documentation I see that I also need Perl so I downloaded that too and installed that too, in the C:\perl64. I’m running mySQL 5.6 on windows 64bit and use it via mySQL workbench, which I really like. I have little experience with mySQL apart from writing queries and generally messing up the database. So, my question is - how in gods name do I use pt-Archiver?
I’ve seen examples such as the one below but have no idea where to run this from. I appreciate that it may on the surface appear a very dumb question but after several hours I’m still missing that eurika moment and would appreciate some guidance just to get me started.

pt-archiver --source h=oltp_server,D=test,t=tbl --dest h=olap_server \ --file '/var/log/archive/%Y-%m-%d-%D.%t' \ --where "1=1" --limit 1000 --commit-each